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The explaining of the meaning of neologism

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Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо, планеты", черный.
Оригинальный светильник-ночник-проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фанариков); 2) Три
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Раздел: Ночники
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо и планеты", фиолетовый.
Оригинальный светильник - ночник - проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фонариков) 2) Три
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Раздел: Ночники
Забавная пачка денег "100 долларов".
Купюры в пачке выглядят совсем как настоящие, к тому же и банковской лентой перехвачены... Но вглядитесь внимательней, и Вы увидите
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Молочный гриб необходим в каждом доме как источник здоровья и красоты
Молочный гриб необходим в каждом доме как источник здоровья и красоты + книга в подарок

 My Secret Life

Several of us boys were days in finding out what the book meant by masturbation, onanism, or whatever the language may have been. We used dictionaries and other books to help us, and at last one of the biggest boys explained the meaning to us. One evening, my aunt being out (it was not I think any plan on my part), I had something to eat and then went into the kitchen, where the servant was sitting at needle-work by candle-light. I talked, kissed, coaxed her, began to pull up her clothes, and it ended in her running round the kitchen, and my chasing her; both laughing, stopping at intervals, to hear if my aunt knocked. “I'll go and lock the outer gate,” said she “then your aunt must ring, if she comes up to the door, she will hear us, for you make such a noise.” She locked it and came back again. The kitchen was on the ground floor, separated from the body of the house by a short passage. I got her on to my knees, I was now a big fellow, and though but a boy, my voice was changing, she chaffed me about that; then my hand went up her petticoats, and she gave me such a violent pinch on my cock (outside the clothes), that I hollored

 Kick Ass: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen

Not long ago, my son went fishing for peacock bass near the Miami airport. He caught no bass, but reeled in a hefty headless chicken wrapped in men's underwear, which he sportingly released to fight again another day. For locals, it's nothing new. Visitors are something else. Many have no knowledge of Santeria and are confused and even revulsed by random encounters with gutted livestock. Image-wise, South Florida has enough to worry about without trying to explain the prevalence of animal sacrifices. The most ingenious advertising agency in the world couldn't put a positive spin on decapitated turtles. Recently one of those true-life TV cop shows assigned a camera crew to ride with a Dade County animal-control officer. Almost immediately the officer came upon a sacrificed goat, whose body segments had been arranged on a railroad crossing, along with some blood and pennies. As the video rolled, the officer calmly explained the meaning of the grisly sceneБЂ”a Santeria offering to Ogun, of course. Just one more thing for South Florida tourists to fret about. Martha, call Hertz

 Whipped bitch

Then the woman produced a skirt the like of which Janey had never imagined, but it explained the meaning of Ribbon Girl. It was composed of a belt from which hung dozens of silky ribbons, an inch wide and a foot long, every color of the rainbow. "The waist is elastic. Step into it." Janey climbed into the garment. Mrs. Claymore adjusted the waist, bringing it down just below her navel. The ribbons were just long enough to conceal her pussy. Then sandals of woven leather, as colorful as the skirt and chain-necklace. "Now, a touch of makeup and you are ready," the woman told her. "Eye shadow and lipstick will suffice." Janey went to the vanity table and used the makeup. Her eyes, she saw, were wide with fear. She had to get a grip on herself to stop her hands from shaking. She followed Mrs. Claymore out of the room. The hall curved. They passed several doors, then the woman paused. "I'd better look in on number three." She put a brass key into a slit beside the door and turned it. As Janey watched, a panel moved away revealing a window. "You might as well look in," Mrs. Claymore said. "This is a one-way viewer

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