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Impact of Evolution on Human Thought. Testosterone

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Ручка "Помада".
Шариковая ручка в виде тюбика помады. Расцветка корпуса в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
25 руб
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Крючки с поводками Mikado SSH Fudo "SB Chinu", №4BN, поводок 0,22 мм.
Качественные Японские крючки с лопаткой. Крючки с поводками – готовы к ловле. Высшего качества, исключительно острые японские крючки,
58 руб
Раздел: Размер от №1 до №10
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо, планеты", черный.
Оригинальный светильник-ночник-проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фанариков); 2) Три
350 руб
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Молочный гриб необходим в каждом доме как источник здоровья и красоты
Молочный гриб необходим в каждом доме как источник здоровья и красоты + книга в подарок

 Might Is Right

Right, in its broadest and deepest sense can be logically defined however, as the manifestations of solar energy, materialized through human thought and thew, upon Battlefields — that is to say, in Nature’s Supreme Court. Might is victory and victory establishes rightness. Might is cosmic power in chemic operation; and Man (in his own sphere) is heliocentric force on two legs. Might is mighty and must prevail. It does prevail for verily it is as the Law of Gravitation — Nay! it is the law of gravitation. 8 All arbitrary rules of Right and Wrong are insolent invasions of personal liberty. He who would maintain his manhood, must ignore them and abandon them, wherever and whenever possible; except he has investigated them — paralleled them with Nature, and without coercion agrees to abide thereby as a modus-vivendi. If he accepts them (on other conditions) as his life-long load, that is — his funeral. If he is eager to handicap himself or commit suicide, why shouldn’t he? That is his own business. A sensible man should never conform to any rule or custom, simply because it has been highly commended by others, alive or dead

 The Emerging Mind: The Reith Lectures 2003

Professor Ramachandran's work has concentrated on investigating phenomena such as phantom limbs, anosognosia or denial of paralysis, Capgras syndrome, and anorexia nervosa. Although most of these conditions have been know since the turn of the century they have usually been treated as curiosities and there has been almost no experimental work on them. V.S. Ramachandran has brought them from the clinic to the laboratory and shown that an intensive study of these patients can often provide valuable new insights into the workings of the human brain. Lecture 1: Phantoms in the Brain. The history of mankind in the last three hundred years has been punctuated by major upheavals in human thought that we call scientific revolutions - upheavals that have profoundly affected the way in which we view ourselves and our place in the cosmos. First there was the Copernican revolution - the notion that far from being the centre of the universe, our planet is a mere speck of dust revolving around the sun. Then there was the Darwinian revolution culminating in the view that we are not angels but merely hairless apes, as Huxley once pointed out in this very room

 Young housewife in hell

She flicked her soft, pink tongue over the rough, wet cloth, her mouth filling with spit as she caressed the fabric. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she could barely breathe. She glanced around the room desperately, wondering where Larry had gone. When she couldn't find him, fear joined with lust inside her captive body. For the first time, the sexy young housewife recalled that she was bound hand and foot, completely helpless in bands of a virtual sept. For the first time, the full impact of the thought she was being sexually mauled by another woman struck home. Fresh tears welled up in Lisa's blue eyes and her chin trembled with emotion. Still she kept her tongue slithering over the wet cloth. Still her ass surged up off the wadded pillows to meet the steady rub of Elsa's leg. Her cunt squirmed just as wildly as before, and her body continued to tingle with electric-like shocks of sexual pleasure. "Please stop," she whimpered, though she had never wanted anything to continue as much as the rub of Elsa's leg over her sloppy cunt. "This isn't right. I'm not a lesbian." "Don't you think I'm beautiful?" Elsa asked, her voice filled with sudden hurt

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