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Чашка "Неваляшка".
Ваши дети во время приёма пищи вечно проливают что-то на ковёр и пол, пачкают руки, а Вы потом тратите уйму времени на выведение пятен с
255 руб
Раздел: Тарелки
Ручка "Помада".
Шариковая ручка в виде тюбика помады. Красный цвет колпачка.
73 руб
Раздел: Оригинальные ручки
Карабин, 6x60 мм.
Размеры: 6x60 мм. Материал: металл. Упаковка: блистер.
44 руб
Раздел: Карабины для ошейников и поводков

Молочный гриб необходим в каждом доме как источник здоровья и красоты
Молочный гриб необходим в каждом доме как источник здоровья и красоты + книга в подарок

 Словарь американских идиом: 8000 единиц

A regulation or situation that is self-contradictory or that conflicts with another regulation. In Hellers book it referred to the regulation that flight crews must report for duty unless excused for reasons of insanity, but that any one claiming such an excuse must, by definition, be sane. /Government rules require workers to expose any wrongdoing in their office, but the Catch-22 prevents them from their doing so, because they are not allowed to disclose any information about their work./ 2. A paradoxical situation. /The Catch-22 of job-hunting was that the factory wanted to hire only workers who had experience making computers but the only way to get the experience was by working at the computer factory./ [catch up]{v.} 1. To take or pick up suddenly; grab (something). /She caught up the book from the table and ran out of the room./ 2. To capture or trap (someone) in a situation; concern or interest very much.Usually used in the passive with "in". /The Smith family was caught up in the war in Europe and we did not see them again till it was over./ /We were so caught up in the movie we forgot what time it was./ Compare: MIX UP. 3


Much as he endeavoured to appear learnedly interested in this news, I observed his eyes flickering not a little at my murmured hesitation that in allowing him to view them he would find them in a certain state of light undress- such as gave freedom to their limbs, as I put it. “I do not wish to offend your modesty, sir, nor theirs,” said I while even so turning the handle of the door which leads into the exercise room. Opening it a foot or so, I allowed him to peep within, at which his cheeks grew slightly flushed! For the occasion I had attired Blanche, Julie and three others in what are styled Grecian robes, which is to say that they are light and gauzy in the extreme and permitted his eyes to feast upon their thighs, the lilting of their breasts beneath the almost transparent veils, and their undoubtedly most fetching knickered bottoms. Indeed, he gulped, the while that I opened the door more. At this juncture-and I having well arranged the thing-Sylvia, who is one of my more promising pupils, came upon the scene from along the corridor and advised me that I was required urgently at the entrance by an enquirer. “Monsieur, you will forgive me, for I must to my duties

 The Little Red Book

Our concern should extend to non-Party cadres as well as to Party cadres. There are many capable people outside the Party whom we must not ignore. The duty of every Communist is to rid himself of aloofness and arrogance and to work well with non-Party cadres, give them sincere help, have a warm, comradely attitude towards them and enlist their initiative in the great cause of resisting Japan and reconstructing the nation. "The Role of the Chinese Communist Party in the National War" (October 1938), Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 202. 30. YOUTH The world is yours, as well as ours, but in the last analysis, it is yours. You young people, full of vigour and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Our hope is placed on you. … The world belongs to you. China 's future belongs to you. Talk at a meeting with Chinese students and trainees in Moscow (November 17, 1957). We must help all our young people to understand that ours is still a very poor country, that we cannot change this situation radically in a short time, and that only through the united efforts of our younger generation and all our people, working with their own hands, can China be made strong and prosperous within a period of several decades

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